The Right Trousers!

The Right Trousers is an EPSRC funded research project which aims to develop new soft robotic technologies that will help older people and people with disabilities to live more independently and with greater quality of life. It is a collaboration between six UK research institutes.

The soft robotic technology could help vulnerable people avoid falls by supporting them whilst walking, give people added bionic strength to move between sitting and standing positions and help people climb stairs.

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Electro-ribbon actuators and electro-origami robots

Today some of the Bristol team’s most exciting research into new artificial muscles (that could be used to power the next generation of assitive robotic clothing) was published in the world’s leading robotics journal, Science Robotics.

Electro-ribbon actuators are a new type of artificial muscle that are thin as paper, as powerful as human muscle, and can life more than 1,000 times their own weight! You can read all about them in the journal article, or even better, watch this YouTube video!

The Right Trousers: Final Newsletter

The leader of our User Studies team at the University of the West of England has written the final newsletter for our users: The Right Trousers: Final Newsletter

As the newsletter says, this doesn’t mean our work on Wearable Soft Robotics is over! We’ll be applying for follow-on funding for new projects, pursuing clinical trials with our current devices, and we also hope to find a company or corporate sponsor that can move this technology from the lab to the wider world! Watch this space!

The Right Trousers in the press

Yesterday, Jonathan Rossiter, Tim Helps, Majid Taghavi and Richard Diteesawat from Bristol, Aaron Page from Southampton and Pouyan Mehryar from Leeds travelled to The British Science Festival in Hull to hold a press conference to present the completed Right Trousers project to the press!

We’re thrilled to have been featured in full articles from The Financial Times, The i, The Mail Online, The Guardian, The Metro, The Telegraph, The Times and many more!

press montage
BT News
Cracking contraption, Gromit! ‘Right trousers’ project under way
(also published on ITV News)

The Financial Times
UK engineering project uses robotic technology and artificial muscles to restore mobility

The i
Smart trousers that help you walk could be just seven years away

Irish Tech News
Smart trousers with artificial ‘muscles’ will change the lives of people with mobility problems

The Mail Online
‘The right trousers’: Scientists are developing high-tech trues that lower themselves and even help disabled people to walk

The Sunderland Echo
Engineers developing smart trousers to help older people walk – taking inspiration from Wallace and Gromit

The Guardian
‘The right trousers’: Wallace and Gromit inspire artificial muscle clothing

The Metro
Scientists building real-life version of Wallace and Gromit’s ‘Wrong Trousers’

The Daily Telegraph
Robo-trousers to give elderly bionic strength designed by British scientists

The Times
Scientists make huge strides with smart trousers