Wired (4rd June 2018)
Can the wonderful octopus help make wheelchairs obsolete?

TechSPARK (12th July 2017)
The Right Trousers: developing the tech for robot-assisted trousers

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We’re part robot
TheSun Bionics article 2015

The Conversation (12th March 2015)
Bionic power trousers could help us get up the stairs
(also published on IFLScience)

The Telegraph (24th Feb 2015)
British designers developing ‘Wallace and Gromit’ robotic trousers

The Guardian (24th Feb 2015)
UK robotics experts developing ‘smart trousers’

The Sun (24th Feb 2015)
Real-life version of Wallace & Gromit’s ‘Wrong Trousers’ being developed by British robotics boffins

University of Bristol News (24th Feb 2015)
Move over Wallace and Gromit – it’s the right trousers