The Right Trousers @ TAROS 2018

Dr Tim Helps from the University of Bristol team presented the team’s research on Easy Undressing with Soft Robotics at the Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems (TAROS) conference in Bristol! This research describes how Soft Robotics can be used to make clothing easy to put on and take off. Some our target users, for example peopleContinue reading “The Right Trousers @ TAROS 2018”

The first paper on Bubble Artificial Muscles is now available online

The Bristol team have developed new artificial muscles which will be included in The Right Trousers to help people walk, climb stairs, and stand up! These new Bubble Artificial Muscles are thin, light, and super strong, making them perfect for inclusion in wearable robotic clothing. The first paper on Bubble Artificial Muscles is now availableContinue reading “The first paper on Bubble Artificial Muscles is now available online”

What’s next for The Right Trousers?

The Right Trousers project officially finished on the 30th June 2018. After three years of interviews and research, we have advanced science and developed technology to address the challenges faced by older adults and people living with disabilities. You can find a list of our publications over on the Publications page, many of which areContinue reading “What’s next for The Right Trousers?”