The Right Trousers!

The FREEHAB project is a Bristol based collaboration between The University of the West of England and The University of Bristol and it is a continuation of The Right Trousers project. The project aims to develop and evaluate prototype wearable devices for use by clinical therapists in hospital and home settings, to improve analysis of movement, treatment planning and mobility training. It is envisaged that devices will be developed to suit different mobility tasks and therapeutic purposes. The devices will be developed for assessing and assisting walking, standing and sit to stand  movements. Different versions of the devices will be designed to assist therapists to carry out biomechanical analysis of patients’ performance to enable personalised training plans, and for the patients to practice their mobility tasks to achieve more effective rehabilitation.

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3-year The Right Trousers follow-on project funded

We’re thrilled to announce that a £1.5m 3-year follow-on project, continuing on the work undertaken during The Right Trousers, has been funded.

The FREEHAB project will build on the discoveries from The Right Trousers project, starting to translate some of the developed technology from laboratory towards a clinical setting, where it can help physiotherapists and patients.

Full grant details for the FREEHAB project can be found here:

Electro-ribbon actuators and electro-origami robots

Today some of the Bristol team’s most exciting research into new artificial muscles (that could be used to power the next generation of assitive robotic clothing) was published in the world’s leading robotics journal, Science Robotics.

Electro-ribbon actuators are a new type of artificial muscle that are thin as paper, as powerful as human muscle, and can life more than 1,000 times their own weight! You can read all about them in the journal article, or even better, watch this YouTube video!