The Right Trousers BBC videos

More great press for The Right Trousers project! A brilliant video featured on BBC News Technology and BBC Click:

BBC News (27th Sept 2018)
The hi-tech trousers inspired by Wallace and Gromit

BBC Click (26th Sept 2018)
Wallace and Gromit inspire smart trousers

Published by The Right Trousers

The Wearable Soft Robotics for Independent Living project is an £2 m ESPRC funded initiative spanning 7 universities. The aim of the project is to develop wearable soft robotic technologies which exhibit sophisticated sensing, actuation and control and can be fabricated into soft robotic clothing which will help disabled and older people move around easily and unaided. The soft robotic clothing will help vulnerable people avoid falls by supporting them whilst walking, give people added bionic strength to move between sitting and standing positions and help people climb stairs.